An overview
Ammentos is a lightweight persistence framework for Java, probably the very first one in the world available using JDK5 annotations. By far it is one of the most simple (someone says the simplest) to use: no installation required, no configuration, no external dependencies.
Ammentos-based application
Ammentos is clean: no accessor methods required breaking good encapsulation, no interfaces to implement or base classes to extend dirtying your design. Ammentos is plug and play: just put a single jar in your classpath and start persisting your model. Ammentos is a standalone libray: you can embed it indifferently in desktop applications, web applications etc.
Quick start
User guide
Start using Ammentos in 2 minutes. A quick reference to learn the few important things you need to enjoy working with Ammentos properly. And... don't bore yourself reading it all at once. Use it as a reference, we are not dropping it away ;-)
JavaDoc API
Take a look at the full API documentation. It can be useful for yourself and for the autocompletion tool of your IDE. The documenttion is also included in the Ammentos bundle, but we feel you'll seldom need to check it.
Collaborate to Ammentos
Enthusiastic about lightweight persistence? Would you like to help Ammentos grow up? Contribute some code, give us your feedback or make a donation.
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